Set of Pins - Zombies
Set of Pins - Zombies
Set of Pins - Zombies
Set of Pins - Zombies
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Set of Pins - Zombies

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Unleash the undead with our set of Zombie-themed pin buttons! Crafted for aficionados of the macabre, these pins combine quality with quirkiness. Lightweight yet sturdy, they're designed to adorn your apparel and accessories effortlessly. Each pin showcases a different zombie design, ensuring you get a taste of the entire horde. With a UV-protected glossy finish, they're ready to survive any apocalyptic scenario in style!

- Set Details: Contains 5 distinct zombie designs.
- Material: Durable tinplate for longevity.
- Protective Layer: UV and scratch-resistant mylar coating ensures a lasting shine.
- Finish: Lustrous glossy touch.
- Application: Simple and secure pin-on mechanism.

Perfect for showcasing your love for the undead!

Uncle Tony's whipping up something special just for you the moment you hit that order button. Yeah, it might take a tad longer to get to you, but it's all about crafting it with love and care. Plus, by creating on demand, we're giving a big ol' thumbs down to overproduction. So, from our fam to yours, thanks for choosing with heart and helping keep things real!

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