Set of Pins - TR Classic
Set of Pins - TR Classic
Set of Pins - TR Classic
Set of Pins - TR Classic
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Set of Pins - TR Classic

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Celebrate our brand and iconic Ray Ray with this exceptional set of 5 pin buttons. Crafted with precision, each pin showcases our distinctive logo or the beloved feature of Ray Ray. These buttons are not just about aesthetics; they're constructed for durability. Whether you pin them on your jacket, bag, or hat, they add a unique touch, signifying brand love and allegiance.

- Quantity: Set of 5 distinct designs.
- Material: Premium tinplate for longevity.
- Finish: High-gloss finish for a polished look.
- Coating: Enhanced with a scratch and UV-resistant mylar layer to maintain vibrancy.
- Application: Designed for easy attachment to various fabrics and materials.

Add these pins to your collection or gift them to fellow fans!

Uncle Tony's whipping up something special just for you the moment you hit that order button. Yeah, it might take a tad longer to get to you, but it's all about crafting it with love and care. Plus, by creating on demand, we're giving a big ol' thumbs down to overproduction. So, from our fam to yours, thanks for choosing with heart and helping keep things real!

Our print-on-demand approach means we craft your item once you order. Expect your unique piece to reach you in the US within 5-9 business days. Thanks for your patience and vibe!