Holographic Sticker - Fossil T-Rex
Holographic Sticker - Fossil T-Rex
Holographic Sticker - Fossil T-Rex

Holographic Sticker - Fossil T-Rex

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Dive into the world of prehistoric wonders with our "Fossil T-Rex" holographic sticker!
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an undying love for the majestic T-Rex,
this sticker encapsulates the essence of ancient allure and modern shimmer. Perfect for
those who carry a piece of history in their heart and a flair for vibrant aesthetics.

Key Features:
- A captivating holographic effect that dances with light.
- Durable vinyl ensures your T-Rex remains timeless, just as it was millions of years ago.
- Quick and hassle-free application for that instant touch of the Jurassic.
- Sized at a versatile 3", it's a statement piece, yet subtle enough for any surface.

Reminder: Life, uh, finds a way... but always clean your surface before applying for the best results.
Note: Designed for indoor explorers. Keep your T-Rex away from harsh outdoor elements.

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